The Game of Boku

Boku (also known as Bolix) is a strategy game for two players or teams. It was invented by the American Rob Nelson and is protected by copyright law and US and UK patents. The application for the US Patent, claiming to protect "the ornamental design for a board game", was filed on 10th June 1994 and the patent was granted on 5th September 1995. The game was put on the market by The London Game Company in 1997.

Boku belongs to a class of connection games where the players try to connect five marbles in a row.

(Read more about the "Go-moku family" of connection games.)

The rules of Boku.

There are various names for this game: Boku, Bolix and, indeed, Bollox.

(Why? Read more about the "name of the game".)


Publisher: The London Game Company (1997)

Quote: The rules are so simple to learn that anyone can be playing in less than a minute but there are so many varied ways the game can be won that new approaches will be continually conceived. A game takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete, leaving plenty of time for return matches.

Boku by the London Game Company

Boku by the London Game Company
Bolix by Cadaco

Bolix by Cadaco


Publisher: Cadaco (2001)

Quote: In a contest of wits and wile, players attempt to move their marbles into a winning position. Using strategy and a bit of deception, players try to be the first to get five marbles in a row.

Contents: wooden game board, 35 black marbles, 35 white marbles, 2 red marbles.

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